What is Ostore?

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This software is run on the Windows platforms and I have created it since 2009 and I called it Ostore. The Ostore can connect to Oracle database and it performs too many works for the programmer on both Oracle Form or PL/SQL codes. The Ostore integrated with IRISA IS-SUITE (one of the main product which is made in IRISA company) and it can offer a lot of PL/SQL code to the programmer.

The following lines depict some features of the Ostore:

1- Generate PL/SQL codes for two types of views.
2- Generate most of the codes we ever have had in IS-SUITE.
3- Import and export too many different pictures into (from) special table. such as employee’s pictures and so on.
4- Find particular text in the Oracle form builder and report builder files (* .fmb, *.rdf).
5- Create dynamic forms to see the data on the special table.
6- Convert Persian date to Gregorian and vice versa.
7- Locate special database object.
8- Search for column and table and also makes some offer for that.