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This is a kind of app for calculations. If you want to calculate some mathematical operations you can use it.
This app works like Microsoft Excel, you can add a sheet and then add some columns and write your formula there but with a little difference. each of your columns can be labeled by A$, B$ and so on.
for example, you can write this formula to app A$+B$.
for conditional statements you can write this :
IF{A$=2 , 100 ,, 200 }

the following lines depict some example:
IF{A$>B$, A$ ,, B$}
IF{A$>B$ , IF{A$=2 , B$ ,, B$*2} ,, B$}

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The Following lines depict the technologies have been used in the app:

  • Android SQLite database +sqlite commands
  • android layout (android shapes)
  • Android Send SMS
  • Java File IO
  • Java Data Structure And Algorithm
  • Android Read/Write External Storage