Saipa-Citroen Sales Accounting System

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I have been working on the development of sales accounting system for Saipa-Citroen company since two months ago. The company is one of the biggest comapny in Iran that produces too many different cars each year and it is a partner for Citroen company which is a France car company. I have implemented this system with Oracle Form and Oracle Report builder as a programmer and designer in Irisa IS-SUITE product. This is my first full stack program that I have had in financial systems in Irisa company. I was faced with the big challenges with finance process in the car industries and the user requests. Also it did not correspond with the other current sales accounting systems that had been created in Irisa company before. Finally I passed those problems and I persisted until I created a decent sales accounting system.

The sales system data is comming from Sql server database (from servers which are located in Saipa company in Tehran Iran) into Oracle database and it retained into the financial tables until start the sales accounting’s process. The data checking phase and performance controls took a little of time and I exprenced with new things about datatransfering,datachecking and performance.
Here you can depicts some feature of the system:

  1. Agency and customer: Sales system has agency center in every province of Iran which has a lot of customer for each of them. The customers can register for sales car and they are given the acceptable number to follow their order in the sales system. the agency, customer and order data will be come to the Irisa IS-SUITE Sales System.
  2. Return Sales: refund cash to agency and agency refund cach to customers. If customer wanted to cancel his sales order, it would raise. The payable accounts and data’s are transferring into the Treasury system.
  3. Sales order: Company receive cash from customer who had paid to agency. The receivable cash data will transfer into the Treasury system.
  4. Sales order: Receivable notes. The customer can send you receivable notes for buy a new car.  The receivable notes will transfer into the Treasury system.
  5. Issuing sales invoice: After trasferring the sale orders into the Sales system tables, The user can issue invoices. the invoice includes the fee, base price and quantity of cars. it also numbering, insurance, postal and plate costs.
  6. Removing sales invoice: The user can remove invoices and reissue them.
  7. Issuing sales notes: These process can lunch after issuing invoices. The data will transfer into the book keeping system.
  8. Removing sales notes: The user can remove notes and reissue them.
  9. Customer credit or debit notes: If the error or problem occured in the sale process, it would raise and company can issue customer credit/debit note. this function will lead to correct the sales process. If customer clamed on his products such as color, product’s type and so on, It would create.



Ebrahim Salehi